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About Sentry-go Solutions

About Sentry-go® Solutions
The web is a wealth of technical information, as long as you know where to look!
It may be the first time you've seen or encountered a particular error message, but it probably isn't the first time it's appeared. In many cases, there will be a fix, update or workaround that others have already used; at other times, getting more information can point you in the right direction as to the possible cause of the fault and it's ultimate solution.
Sentry-go Solutions uses accurate details of the error, captured by Sentry-go monitoring software to find solutions on-line. When accessed from within the monitoring software, these details are passed automatically to the site which then uses them to perform the search.
How Sentry-go Solutions works!
Sentry-go Solutions fully integrates with our server monitoring solutions and allows you to ...
  • Access more information on a particular alert or warning raised by a Sentry-go Quick or Plus! monitor
  • Read more on common problems, what they mean and how you can avoid them
  • Help understand, diagnose & troubleshoot the cause of a specific problem using the captured information
  • Find out how to resolve the problem and prevent it from occurring again 
  • See what the vendor says and understand how to stop it being repeated
  • See how others have resolved the same issue
To find out more about Sentry-go monitoring & alerting solutions, please visit http://www.Sentry-go.com.  
The advantage of Sentry-go & Sentry-go Solutions
Our monitoring solutions allow you to automatically monitor for & capture details of errors that occur on your systems. By doing this, finding solutions is quicker & easier because you can search using truly accurate information - e.g. the on - e.g. the exact error message logged without needing to rely on end-user error reports or manual diagnostics. Just as importantly, irrelevant information can be ignored.
By incorporating the Sentry-go Solutions web site into your support network, Sentry-go can not only monitor, detect faults & automatically respond to known issues, it can help you resolve them as well!  
Accessing Sentry-go Solutions
As either a registered Sentry-go customer you have full access Sentry-go Solutions. You can access the site in one of two ways ...
  • Access solutions directly from links within a Sentry-go monitor
    Just click the link or button directly from within Sentry-go to access arguably the largest knowledgebase in the world - the internet! Error & associated details will automatically be forwarded to the site allowing you to easily search for solutions using the exact details captured.
  • Access solutions by logging on through your Web Browser
    You can also access the site of the web directly using the URL http://www.Sentry-goSolutions.com. You will simply need your Sentry-go licence information when logging on this way.
Terms & conditions
Every effort has been made to ensure the advice and information contained on this site is both up to date and accurate. However, information provided directly on Sentry-go Solutions!, as well as details found on external sites accessed from here is provided for your information only in order to aid troubleshooting.
You use any information provided on or accessed from http://www.Sentry-goSolutions.com at your own risk. No warranty or guarantee given as to it's accuracy, and no guarantee is given that it will resolve the issue encountered. If in doubt, please seek further advice before continuing.
Every effort is made to ensure that on-line access is available when you need it, but no guarantee or warranty is given that it will be accessible on-line at any given time.
About 3Ds (UK) Limited
Established in 1998, 3Ds (UK) Limited is a software house & consultancy specialising in easy to use, affordable monitoring solutions for both Windows Desktops & Servers.
  • Windows Monitoring
    Since it's original launch in 2000, our Sentry-go® monitoring technology has been used by customers worldwide to automatically monitor & check for all sorts of warning & error conditions long before they become serious problems. For example, you can monitor the errors written to event logs & log files, disk space, the ability to send/receive an e-mail, running services, server performance and many other parameters. In fact, you can monitor as little or as much as you like! 
  • Consulting, Design, Project Management & Software Development 
    3Ds stands for "Design, Development & Delivery of Solutions". We can work either independently or alongside your own developers, offering a number of key services including technical support, project management & product development. Our team has many years of experience in implementing robust, flexible and efficient solutions into new environments as well as integrating the same solutions with client's existing & legacy systems.
    For more information please visit our web site - http://www.3Ds.co.uk.
Contacting us & more information
If you would more information on Sentry-go monitoring solutions, please contact us using the appropriate address below. We aim to respond to all e-mails within 1 working day ...
For general information : http://www.Sentry-go.com
For sales & marketing : Sales@Sentry-go.com
For technical support : Support@Sentry-go.com
Company details : http://www.3Ds.co.uk
Telephone : (+44) (0) 208 144 4141

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